netflxnchokeme - reviewing your dick pics 🌟


netflxnchokeme - reviewing your dick pics
I put out a tweet a few days ago asking for you to submit your best dick pics for review & the response was overwhelming! We were only able to get to 18 out of well over 50 submissions (but there's always room for a part two!). the photos were selected at random and no usernames or profiles are included to protect privacy. watch as me & my best friend give in-depth reviews on YOUR cocks! do we like your photo? do we like your cock? this is your chance to find out! TIME STAMPS: 0:00-1:45: intro 1:45: first pic 3:45: second pic 6:02: third pic 7:50: fourth pic 10:28: fifth pic 12:28: sixth pic 14:55: seventh pic 16:38: eighth pic 18:50: ninth pic 21:10: tenth & eleventh pics 24:21: twelfth pic 26:02: thirteenth pic 27:45: fourteenth pic 30:10: fifteenth pic 30:59: sixteenth pic 32:24: seventeenth pic 35:08: LAST PIC! like & review this video if you'd like to see a part two! follow my bff: - N

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