Nikki Sequoia - One Shoe on the Train Tracks 😍


Nikki Sequoia - One Shoe on the Train Tracks
You guys really seem to love my one shoe... and I'm going to continue to find the best places to do it!! Watch me enjoy a stroll down the train tracks in Las Vegas, minus a shoe! At first I start with both shoes on, walk for a sec, then the fun starts! I take off a shoe and leave it there as I continue walking. I realize quickly that I'm getting my sock dirty and I take that off and leave that behind too! Then I walk down the tracks in one shoe, jumping across tracks, avoiding sharp rocks, and hobbling along the rails! After I walk quite a ways, I turn around and head back to retrieve the lonely shoe and sock, but not without goofing around on the way and accidentally stepping on the sharpest rock ever! OW!! You definitely feel my pain when you hear that! Lol! Let me know if you have any one shoe ideas for me!! I have some great plots laid out for some upcoming one shoe features so be prepared!! XOXO

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