Olivia Rose [ManyVids] - Spanked For Transgressions


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Mike is sitting and quietly "reading the bible" when Sister Rose walks into the rec room. She immediately notices he is rubbing the top of his jeans, and looking at what appears to be spanking porn! She finds this unacceptable and tells him he must pay for his transgressions. Sister Rose gets Mike down on his knees and makes him put his hands in fron to him. She gives him several hard wcks with a yardstick, chastising him the whole time. She then sits on the couch and makes him pull his pants down. She will not spare the rod and decides to spank him over her knee starting with The Holy Bible itself! She spanks him until she realizes that alone isn't enough. She then takes a yardstick and gives him some good hard thanking before moving on to her bare hand. He will pay for watching porn in a holy place. He will pay with a bright red ass and be absolved of his sins

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