Olivia Rose - Mommy's Flatulent Punishment 🤷


Olivia Rose - Mommy's Flatulent Punishment
You have been such a bad boy. I am absolutely tired of the back talking, the complaining, not listening, and everything else, that I am going to teach you a very smelly lesson. I know how you just love to complain about how gassy I am. How I am always letting out huge, smelly farts, so today, son, you're going to have to sit there and take it while I fart right in your face! I want you to smell all this juicy flatulence up close. I know this method of punishment will get through to you, or I hope it will. Matter of fact, I think you kind of like it don't you? You always seem to be commenting on these boisterous bowels, so here they are, tooting away, making you smell last nights homemade cheese soup right through my pantyhose! I am going to let out all of my backed up gas onto you, and hopefully you will act better or I will just have to punish you over and over with my stinky farts till you learn your lesson!

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