Olivia Rose - Tricked Loser 🔥


Olivia Rose - Tricked Loser
Sheena Rose and Olivia are making out and you, loser, are just standing there watching. They have just picked you up from a bar and you went home with them thinking you were going to get lucky. Guess what? You're not! They just wanted to trick you into thinking you were going to have a bunch of sexy fun and instead make out and feel each other up while you watch like a sad pathetic cuckold loser. How does it feel to be tricked into thinking you were going to get laid by two gorgeous ladies? I bet you thought it was your lucky day? Well, sorry to tell you this, but you're only allowed to stand there and watch, not participate. They would actually never fuck someone like you, they just wanted to mess with your head. Just sit back and watch till they've had enough of you, loser, because you'll never get any more than that

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brat girls mind fuck cuckolding verbal humiliation kissing