OpheliaLestat [ManyVids] - Daddy Role-Play Ophelia's "Illness"


Download OpheliaLestat ManyVids - Daddy Role-Play Ophelia's "Illness"
Ophelia's daddy finds her still in bed and in her pyjamas when she should be at school! She convinces him that she is, in fact ill knowing her daddy will let her stay home. He is willing to do anything to make her feel better and asks her if there is anything she needs. She tells him she needs the thing he gives her when she feels funny "down there" (her rabbit vibrator). He gives it to her and goes to leave her alone, but she insists that she would feel better if he watched her and looked after her this time. While apprehensive, her daddy says yes, and watches her use her vibrator until she cums infront of him!! With immersive captions as daddy, you can imagine your own voice talking to Ophelia

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