Piper Kush - Your Sister Knows ✨


Piper Kush - Your Sister Knows
Your sister knows you've been watching her. That you've been jerking off to her in the shower and going through her panties - well, guess what? Now she wants your allowance - all of it! If you're sneaking and watching a girl there's only two options - you're either a fucking pervert or you're paying to see her! If she were any other girl you would've had to buy dinners and movie dates but because she's your sister she gets nothing?! Not on her watch - in fact she wants you to get another job! Start paying her even more... why? Because if you don't, your little sister Piper is going to tell. She can make your wishes come true OR she will make you wish you never existed! If you don't pay her your allowance every week and more she'll tell everyone what a disgusting PERVERT you are! Or you can impress her and get even more than just glances... She knows she has you right where she wants you, you're FUCKED and have no options but to keep watching her...and giving her EVERYTHING.

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