RussianBeauty - Slow wild cuming 🐪


RussianBeauty - Slow wild cuming
Begin naked, rub your clit while keeping your legs down and straight. Tell me what you\'re going to to and about your normal orgasm (muscle contractions when fully coming). Then tell me, that you want me so much to ruin your orgasm, because it makes you so crazy, exciting and you\'re coming like hell. Slow down, so you do not come but stay on the edge all the time. I know this will hard for you, but keep going for 10 minutes, fight your orgasm hard without stopping to rub. Then come slowly, say \"I\'m coming\" while keeping your legs down and straight. Keep rubbing very slow while coming, don\'t speed up rubbing.By the way: I like \"orgasm\", \"scrap\", \"ruin\", \"destroy\", \"come like a man\", \"our games\". Please say \"my orgasm\" instead of \"it\"

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masturbation dirty talking edging games orgasm denial orgasm control