RussianBeauty - We need gain more weight for pay our dep 🎬


RussianBeauty - We need gain more weight for pay our dep
Customer wrote: Misha owes a lot of money to a man. The man says he will forget about the money if Misha AND her boyfriend (Alex) will fuck him. BUT Misha and Alex both have to get fat. VERY fat before he will fuck them. The video starts with Alex totally naked in the bedroom, eating a lot of very fattening food. Misha walks in, she is all made-up and looks beautiful and she is also totally naked, carrying more food. )Misha and Alex both stick out their bellies as much as they can so it looks like they have been gaining lots of weigh to get fat for the man.) When Alex sees that Misha has more food he complains. He says he is too full. He thinks he is fat enough and shows Misha how huge his belly is. Misha feels his fat belly and ass and says he must eat more to get even fatter. She shows him how fat she has gotten. Alex does not want to keep eating. So Misha says she will give him a blowjob if he keeps eating. Alex agrees. He eats while Misha gives him a blowjob and feels his big fat belly. Then she says she thinks they are both fat enough. So she calls the man. She tells the man that she and Alex are now fat enough and he can come fuck them. So now, the Man is the camera--POV. Misha and Alex, still totally naked take the Man (just the camera) into the bedroom. Standing up, they show off to him how fat they have gotten. They show their big bellies and their fat asses. Then the Man makes them both get on the bed and spread their legs and show off how fat their thighs have gotten--and how fat Misha's pussy has gotten. Then the Man makes them both get on their hands and knees on the bed, facing away from the camera so both of their asses are pointing at the camera. They talk about how fat their asses have gotten and how much their fat bellies hang down. Then Misha pretends (just pretend, there is no other person in the video) that the man is now fucking her like that, doggie style, while Alex has to watch. While she is pretending to get fucked, Misha encourages the Man to fuck her by talking about how fat she has gotten and how her ass and belly are jiggling with all the fat as the Man fucks her. Alex does not like this but Misha tells him to let the Man fuck her because she has to pay off the debt. Then, please pretend that the Man decides to switch and he is now going to fuck Alex in HIS fat ass. Alex does not like this at all. He is not gay and does not want to get fucked in his ass. But Misha convinces him that he must do this to pay off the debt. So Alex (again just pretend) allows the man to fuck him in his ass. It hurts him a lot, and while he is getting fucked, Misha reassures him, but also encourages the man to fuck Alex and talk about how fat Alex has gotten. Finally, the Man cums in Alex's ass. Then he leaves. Alex collapses on the bed. Misha thanks him and then says she must go cook more food. Alex asks why. Misha says because we need to get even fatter because the Man is go...

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