SamanthaStarfish [ManyVids] - Fleet Enema In White Panties

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Lookie what I have! A fleet enema! I love the way enemas make me lose control of my asshole! I am helpless to the laxative effects! So much wet, disgusting mess is about to come bursting out of my ass! All that dirty water is going to fill my big, white panties! I pull my panties down and insert the bottle into my ass. I squeeze all the liquid into my asshole! It’s cold and I can feel the liquid working it’s way up inside of me! I quickly pull my panties up and prepare myself for the dirty water to start coming out of my ass! I can feel the wet fluid dribbling out of my ass! It is staining my white cotton panties brown! Soon my ass is farting out nasty wet, brown water! Ewww! It’s so gross!

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