SamanthaStarfish [ManyVids] - Licking My Very Wet Diaper

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I just woke up from a nap! My diaper is very wet and soggy! I peed in my diaper a lot when I was napping! Now it's all soggy! It feels good tough! I like how wet my diaper is! I like to rub my pussy through my pee soaked diaper! It makes me want to cum all over my pee pee diaper! I have to pee again! I want you to see me pee! Watch me take off my diaper and show you my little girl pussy! I'm going to pee in my diaper for you! Look at it dribbling out of my pussy! My diaper is soaked with my warm, wet pee! It tastes so good! Watch me lick my wet diaper! Mmm! Yummy! I love the taste of my wet diapers! Enjoy

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