SamanthaStarfish [ManyVids] - Momma's Milk

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Sweet baby, momma is here to feed you. I know you're hungry! Do you want some milk from momma's milkies? Look at momma's big fat milk jugs! This is where your milk comes from baby. I know you're thirsty! Here baby, have some milk momma's milk jugs. Watch me squeeze and shake my big milk filled breasts for you, baby. Momma will help you get the milk flowing. Look baby, do you see that. Look at that sweet, warm milk coming out of momma's milk jugs! Taste it all, baby! You are really enjoying this aren't you, baby? Momma can tell. Your little baby pee pee is getting bigger. Does baby want to go cummsies? Does baby want to cummies all over momma's milkies? Yes, baby, momma wants you to! You came out of momma and soon you'll go back in! But for now, cum all over momma's milkies! Yes! Good baby! Good, baby boy! Enjoy

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