SamanthaStarfish [ManyVids] - Your Wife Finds Your Diapers

Download SamanthaStarfish ManyVids - Your Wife Finds Your Diapers
This is an amazing fantasy role play video where your wife finds our diaper stash hidden in your closet. She humiliates you, degrades you, and makes fun of you for having diapers. Your wife is angry and confused! She wants to know why you have diapers in your closet! Especially pink frilly diapers with little kittens on them! Your wife is so disgusted by you she makes you strip naked! She throws the pink diaper at you and makes you put it on! She is enjoying humiliating you! She asks you if you actually use the diapers. You are almost in tears when you tell her, yes, you do use them! She is so disgusted by you! Your wife makes you pee in your diaper! You have no choice! Then she makes you p.oop in them! You are crying and so humiliated! Your wife is laughing at you and calling you awful names! She even spits in your face! From now on you will be your wife's stupid little diaper baby! You will wear diapers for the rest of your life! You will do everything your wife says! This is a punishments for tricking her into marrying a defective diaper loving freak

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