Savannah Fox - Psylocke vs Pink Scorpion pt2 ⭐


Savannah Fox - Psylocke vs Pink Scorpion pt2
In this exciting part 2 update The Pink scorpion has Psylocke in a debilitating c h oke hold. Eager to get to her prize her starts ripping off Psylocke clothes! Psylocke desperately tries to break free, but Scorpion uses Psylockes own sash to c h oke her. Scorpion laughs evilly and tells Psy she wants to see what those tits look like! Scorpion jumps on the naked Psylocke and wrenches on her breasts. She laughs in pleasure at the horrified lock on Psylockes face, she never saw this coming! Scorpion twists her nipples and complains that Psylocke is screaming to much, her windpipe needs a little crushing! Scorpion traps naked Psylocke in a schoolgirl pin, using all of her pussy power to crush Psylocke. Psylocke can't breathe and her vision starts to go black she feels the pink Scorpion grab her pussy and tell her she is going to penetrate and deflower the pure super hero. Scorpion has a strap on cock that she is going to use to fuck Psylocke with! The best part is, the longer Scorpion fucks her, the power will drain from Psylocke into the cock and then render Psylocke evil! Psylocke tries to hold on but Scorpion is to powerful and laughs as Psylocke blacks out. We find the Pink Scorpion naked and flexing her big muscles. Now its completely over for Psylocke! Psy is so dazed she can barley move or speak. Hey eyes roll in her head as she is powerless to stop Scorpion from fucking her! She begs Scorpion to stop, but Scorpion is just warming up. She loves fucking hot superheros with her power cock and is eager to make Psylocke evil! She pounces on her pussy and drives her hard cock in pounding Psylocke's pretty pussy mercilessly

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