theeSadiemarie - JOKER takes 10inch dick in park bathroom 🔥


theeSadiemarie - JOKER takes 10inch dick in park bathroom
YOU CAN TIP $20 ON MAKE IT RAIN AND I WILL SEND THIS VIDEO ASAP! This is the Masterpiece of my 5 year career as a clip artist so far! 9 hours of filming on location, 17 hours of editing, and a heart full of passion culminates into this dazzling work of sexual art. Joker is the best movie I've ever seen, and this video pays homage to its brilliance. I recreate the iconic "stair dance" scene on the steps of my downtown location - in full view of passers by. I even manage to sneak in a few flashes! Next, I scouted the city for the perfect park bathroom in which to shoot the rest of the video. I finally found one - a run-down, but still functional, single-user bathroom so I had enough privacy to shoot. I preformed Arthur's "bathroom dance" with admirable accuracy, letting the music flow through me. The dance scenes account for the first 6 minutes of the movie. The rest is raw sexuality. Exhilarated by impersonating my favorite super villain, I found myself lusting and craving sexual pleasure. I undress in a sexy yet haunting manner - ripping open my tights to expose my yearning slit. Then, I use a 10 inch dildo to ravage myself. I hop up on the sink and spread my legs wide, taking as much of the cock as I can. I fuck myself from behind, my ass cheeks bouncing with every thrust. Standing, I lift one leg up and pin it against the wall, spreading my legs apart nice and wide, and giving the camera a great view. Finally, I get on the cold floor and fuck myself in multiple positions; squatting, riding, and writhing on the giant cock. This is the kind of video you wish didn't end. It will swallow you whole in a way that makes you happy to be devoured. I have never been so excited to share something with the world as I am to share this video with everyone who buys it. Thank you for supporting something that means so much to me. In addition to the 26 hours of production, I spent hours practicing the dances, assembling the perfect costume, and researching the neurosciences of Joker the movie to make sure I gave the best performance possible. FUN FACT: Joaquin Phoenix lost 52 pounds in preparation for his role as Joker - and on the day of filming, I had lost exactly 52 pounds since the start of this year. I truly feel that I was fated to make this video and I am so proud of the final product. If you enjoy watching it, please leave a 5-star review to encourage others to buy it, and to encourage me to make videos of this same caliber in the future. INCLUDES: upskirting, upskirt, public, public flashing, public nudity, costume, cosplay, joker, sexy joker, dance, dancing, art, artistic, creative, creativity, passion, huge toy, huge dildo, huge dick, huge cock, big toy, big dildo, big dick, big cock, big ass, big butt, big booty, bouncing tits, bouncing boobs, riding, squatting, booty shaking, skirt, clown makeup, bathroom, bathroom fetish, toilet, leg spreading, laughing, moaning, halloween, hallowe...

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