Veronika Jade - Out Of Breath From Getting Dressed 🧨


Veronika Jade - Out Of Breath From Getting Dressed
I've been slowly working on updating my closet to fit all the weight I've gained recently. The stuff I have from a few years back just doesn't fit any more, I've gotten so fat. I got a few things on sale and wanted to try them on for you. A few pairs of panties and a two piece swim suit stretched tightly on my belly, a bralette, and even a normal everyday outfit. This video starts with me already slightly out of breath just from setting up to film and by the end I'm starting to really huff and puff. If you like seeing fatties struggle to breath from attempting physical activity, this is the clip for you! I was exhausted by the end If you like this, check out Destroying Tiny Panties! bbw, ssbbw, belly, belly fetish, fat, gaining weight

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